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Robson Mongolian BBQ


Very unique way of make-your-own dish BBQ restaurant. You assemble your own ingredients consisting meat (includng chicken, beef, lamb and pork) and various noodles and vegetables. In addition you have more than 10 different kind of sauce you can mix. You then leave the bowl to the grid operator and the cook will cook in the big griddle.



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Mongolian grill is one of my favorite type of food in Vancouver. I was excited to try out this restaurant when it opened. Upon walking in, the waitress greeted us warmly and kindly showed us how to go about to get our food.


The station was very clean. The first station was the meat station and it had 4 different kinds of meats for you to choose. The next station was the vegetable and noodles station. They were slightly different than the other Mongolian restaurant. I liked the way they cut the tofu into smaller pieces so I can stuff more into my bowl. They also had the Chinese Fried Noodle type of noodle instead of white noodles. They also had slightly different kinds of sauces to choose. The other Mongolian restaurants used mainly Mongolian sauces which start the word "Mongo". People were hard to know how it tasted like. However, here it had some more common sauces like peanut sauce and satay sauce.


For both special (one bowl only) and buffet, the meal all came with soup, rice, salad and fruit. However for special, you can only take one plate of salad and fruit per person. The overall meal was delicious.


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General Information



BBQ/All You Can Eat

CAN$7 to CAN$15

Not Available

1234 Robson Street Vancouver, BC
Street Parking or Park at Pacific Mall during weekend for 6 bucks all day.
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  • By Car
    • Drive dowtown and it's on Robson Street

  • By Transit
    • Take Bus #5 Robson when you arrive Downtown.

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